Konkan is a series of land on the west India coast running from Palghar in the north to Karwar in the south, with the Arabian Sea to the west and the Western Ghats in the east. The hinterland east of the coast has numerous river valleys and riverine islands among the hilly slopes leading up into the tablelands of the Deccan Plateau. The region has been recognized by name since at least the time of Strabo in the third century CE.The best-known islands of Konkan are Goa Island, location of the state of Goa’s capital Panjim, and the seven islands of Bombay on which sits Bombay (Mumbai), the capital of Maharashtra. There are various beautiful places which one can visit during the stay in Konkan.

Tarkarli beach
The movement one enters Konkan, the major attraction is different beach that one can which. One such beach is Tarkarli beach. There are various water activities like scuba diving which have been started on this beach. The most unique attraction is dolphins are seen on this beach. To reach this beach one can take local autorickshaw or bus from Madgoan.

Lokmanya Tilak House
Bal Gangadhar Tilak also known as Lokmanya Tilak a Indian nationalist, teacher, and an independence activist. Very well known for ihis contribution during the independence belonged to Ratnagiri. The house which he stayed in is now converted into museum which depicts his lifestyle and open for people to visit.

Shrivardhan beach
This is one of the famous beach in Konkan. This is the most silent and cleanliest beach. Along the beach there is famous Laxmi Narayan Mandir which is also one of the tourist attractions. People mostly come here to see the sunset.

Thiba Rajwada
The ‘Thiba Palace’ which was the residing place of Bramhadesha’s King Thiba, is a major place of attraction in Ratnagiri city. Since 1885, for almost 132 years, the roots of Ratnagiri have been connected with ‘Bramhadesh’ which is today’s Myanmar. The archaeological museum is situated in the interior of the palace. The ancient idols on the ground floor are beautiful, and for the art lovers, the art exhibition on the upper floor has always been an attraction. The Thiba Palace is open for visitors from morning till 5 o’clock in the evening except Monday.Near the Thiba Point, there is the Jijamata Garden.

Kihim beach
This beach is located 12 kilometres away from Alibag. Since this beach has yet not been discovered so its less crowded and hence yet again another location for people who love peace.Its known for dense coconut trees and pollution free air. The beach is adorned with incredible white sand, with distinct types of shells scattered all over.The area is dotted trees and wildflowers. Beautiful migratory and resident birds also make their way to the Kihim beach and are found in abundance here.

Murud Janjira
Murud Janjira is an island fort situated at a distance of 5 km from Murud in Raigad district. Janjira fort is been surrounded by Arabian sea. Spread over 22 acres, the fort has 19 rounded bastions, still intact. Amongst them are the three major cannons, Kalal Bangadi, Landa Kasam and Chavi built from five metals. The main gate of the fort faces Rajapuri on the shore is a huge structure. There is a small gate towards the open sea to escape from the enemies. There are hidden passageways for emergencies. The turrets and towers of the fort were used for keeping ammunition.

 Aarey Vaare Sea Shore
Beaches are in the name of Aare and Vare villages, just at a distance of approx 12 kms from Ganapatipule. These twin beaches, known as Aare-Ware are geological wonder in itself, the two sides of the same mountain, the Aare and Ware beach were formed ages ago due to the convergence of the mountain into the ocean. mesmerizing, virgin and crescent looking twin beaches.

Raigad Fort
Also known as Rayri, this fort was the capital of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He won this fort in 1656 in battle with Chandrarao More. Soaring to a height of around 820 metres Raigad Fort is perched on the Sahyadri mountain range in Mahad.The majestic fort is accessible only from one side through a pathway which has about 1737 steps as deep valleys surround the other three sides. Alternatively, one can take the ropeway to reach the fort top in 4 minutes.

It is situated along Konkan Coast. It is a perfect getaway for beach lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and pilgrims as well. It has got famous Ganesh temple along the shore which gives soothing atmosphere. There are some beaches in Ganapatipule where you can find complete peace and tranquility. With the breathtaking beauty, serenity of the Ganapatipule village, pleasant weather and Dwardates scriptures, this beach has become one of the famous destinations for travelers.

Devgad is a taluka in Sinhudurg district located on the Arabian sea in the coastal region of Konkan Maharashtra. It is world famous for Alphonso Mango which were first planted by Portuguese.These Alphonso mangoes are famous for it amazing taste, fragrance and deep saffron pulp. Another identity of Devgad is its beaches, harbour and Devgad Fort. The name Devgad is derived from the historic fort situated at the confluence of Arabian sea and Devgad creek.

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