You only need 3 things, your body, the surfboard & the waves! The surf here and our set-up is suitable for absolute beginners all season long.

Surf’s Up!

India has 7,000 kilometers of coastline yet Surfing in India is still in its infancy. The greater portion of that is still unexplored in terms of locating surf spots. If weather conditions are favorable, there are going to be some great waves here at the Devgad beach. Surfing here is a perfect destination for learners to explore surfing as well as for seasoned surfers to ride the tide. We offer surfing lessons 6 days a week when weather conditions are at their prime.

Our wonderful local surf team of qualified surf instructors, beach lifeguards and their assistants are dedicated to your improvement to ensure you have a good time at the beach.

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Note to all surfers

Our Surfing course focuses on teaching the fundamentals of surfing. This course is created to make you understand the basics about surfing with whole lot of fun!

The  beginner lessons are pretty much the same for everyone but after that it varies depending on what needs improvement. For instance, someone may learn quickly how to stand up on the board while others struggle with it and need more time to focus on that. Therefor there is no exact content for each lesson but the idea is that you will get better and more independent each time and will eventually be able to catch your own waves!

Hurry up & book your slots at the earliest.

Conditions all guests need to adhere to:

  • This activity is restricted to 10 years & Above.
  • Wearing the right Swimming Clothes are mandatory. We recommend a full sleeve swim outfit.
  • Remove Expensive Jewellery or any other similar items if worn.

For booking or inquiry, write to us.

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We are here to thrill you with Maharashtra’s longest & India’s first ever on coast Zipline having the length of 1,885 feet and height of 280 feet.


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Venue: Devgad Zipline,
Devgad windmills, Devgad,
Maharashtra – 416613

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