Whizz across the Devgad shore with a one of its kind coastal zipline in Maharashtra!

The Zipline

At 280 meters from sea level and with a total length of 1885 meters, embrace your thirst for adventure! What makes this zip line unique is being the first, the only, and the longest coastal zipline in Maharashtra that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Zip across the shores while capturing memories and a stunning view using your mobile phones or action cameras. So if you are looking for a zipline experience that expands the boundaries of your typical zipline adventures, Devgad is the place to be!

We assure our guests that Flying Konkan’s Devgad Zipline has all the required certifications and permissions taken from the government.  Our staff is well trained who inspect the Zipline cables at regular intervals keeping the participant’s safety at the forefront. 

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About Club

We are here to thrill you with Maharashtra’s longest & India’s first ever on coast Zipline having the length of 1,885 feet and height of 280 feet.


Contact: 94055 66622

Email: enquiry@flyingkonkan.com

Venue: Devgad Zipline,
Devgad windmills, Devgad,
Maharashtra – 416613

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